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« ULTIMATE Luxury is all in the detail. » Abriza

The values of the Maison

We hold strong values at Maison Abriza.

We pay attention to every little detail to ensure our clients only receive the very best.


The perfumer’s choice:

Randa Hammami is the Maison’s Exclusive Perfumer. Randa is renowned for her original creations and her collaborations with some of the biggest names in French perfumery.

“When we met it was like love at first sight in an artistic way” Abriza

Randa and Abriza have the same cultural awareness and they have a shared vision when it comes to perfumery:
To create unique and original scents, inspired by faraway lands…

Portrait Randa


Choice of Ingredients:

We favour natural essences in order to create a unique fragrance made of the finest raw materials.

ingredients fragance


Choice of Manufacturers:

//////All our essences are made in Grasse, which has the been the perfume capital for centuries, and they are made in the traditional French style.

//////We want to contribute to protecting French heritage by continuing to create products from the craft industry:
-All our china range is made by hand in LIMOGES.
-Both our candles and our diffusers contain 24 Carat GOLD thanks to a unique lacing process.


The brand is steeped in history:

“First of all, it’s the story of a family that has been in the perfume business for over half a century, while it it is also a story about a family’s passion for art history and life’s precious moments which have been beautifully captured in a bottle.” Abriza


The Art of Making People (or yourself) Happy:

“The box is a key part of the product. We’re all children at heart and want to know what’s in the box.” Abriza

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