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The art of giving.

A few words from the Creator:

I think the box is a key part of the product. It reflects the Maison’s values.
It was designed like a jewellery box.
When you buy yourself something or give someone you care about a gift, the experience begins the moment you receive the package.

On all our boxes, you will find:

A touch of Gold in homage to the meaning of the word Abriza, "PURE GOLD" in ancient Greek

Suede that covers each box, in homage to the world of jewellery *The Blue Maison Abriza, inspired by the blue Marie Antoinette

fragrance box share

The envelope with its GOLD seal, in homage to the old days, when people communicated through handwritten letters. The meaning behind this is deep: As communication was not developed and widespread during the Renaissance or the Middle Ages, letters only contained a few precious words. In the same way, by opening your Maison Abriza box, you will discover the most precious gift.

The box is also a collector's item and can be stored in a library, like a book.

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