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SAS ABRIZA pays particular attention to the processing, confidentiality and safety of yourpersonal data.

The aim of thisprivacy charter is to provideyouwithclear, simple and complete information about how weprocess the personal data yougive us or the data wemaycollectwhileyou are browsingourwebsite, how itmaybetransferred to third parties and yourrights and options to control yourpersonal information and protectyourprivacy.

SAS ABRIZA, a french companywithheadquarterslocated at 12 BOULEVARD DES CAPUCINES 75009 PARIS, France,registeredunder no. 80908041900017 (here in after MAISON ABRIZA) is  the data controller of personal data collected on the website, in Abriza shops and counters in the sense of regulationsapplying to personal data, in particularRegulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of naturalpersonswith regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (here in after the “GDPR”).

  • Whatispersonaldata?

Personal data isany information about an identifiedphysicalperson or a physicalpersonthatmaybedirectly or indirectlyidentified via an identification number or one or more elementsparticular to them, such as their last name, first name, date of birth, customernumber, ordernumber, photo, etc.

  • Whencanwecollectyourpersonaldata?

Wecancollectyourpersonal data whenyou:

  • Create a customeraccount on ourwebsite, apps, or in ourstores;
  • Ordergoodsfromourwebsite;
  • Makepurchases in stores;
  • Joinourloyaltyprogram;
  • Use our online services, such as the chat service;
  • Agree to receive marketing communications from us by email, telephone, SMS or post, depending on yourselection;
  • Answersurveys or satisfaction questionnaires based on yourcustomerexperience;
  • InteractwithourCompany via its official page on social networks or whenwesuggestre-use of content thatyou have published on a social network;
  • Contact ourcustomerservice;
  • Sendrequests for information to ourCompany;
  • Take part in an eventweorganise;
  • Browse on the Internet using cookies or similartechnology or whenyou click on advertisements for ourproducts
  • Whatpersonal data mightwecollect?

(i)               As part of the services weprovide, wemayneed to collect certain data directlyfromyouusingelectronicformsonourwebsite, mobile apps or in selected stores, or in paperform, for a range of purposes (see IV for a list of processingpurposes).

Information wemightcollectincludes:

  • Youridentity;
  • Your contact details (e.g. email address);
  • Yourpersonalpreferences in relation to the productswemarket or to ourwebsite (language);
  • Information relating to yourorders, theirtracking and yourpurchaseinvoices;
  • Information youmayprovide for ourcustomerservice;
  • Specifichealth data if younotify us of anyundesirableside-effectsconcerningany of ourproducts;
  • Yourbankdetails if you place an order via ourwebsite
  • Important:yourbankdetails are encrypted on MAISON ABRIZAservers. Payments are processed via a securedpaymentplatform, involvingadditionalverifications, in order to guarantee the security of purchases made on and combat fraud.
  • The detailsyouprovide of yourPaymentCardwhenplacing an order are alwaysencryptedprior to transit using an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

Personal data essential to MAISON ABRIZA ismarkedwith an asterisk on all personal data collection forms on ourwebsite, in electronicform at some of ourcounters and stores, as well as off-line in paperform. If you do not fill in thesecompulsoryfields, MAISON ABRIZA willprobablybeunable to respond to yourrequest and/or provideyouwith the requested services. Other information isoptional and enables us to get to know youbetter and improveour communications and services with respect to you.

(ii)              Wemayalsocollect certain data generated by yourpurchases of products or services, online or in stores, particularly information regarding the amount and type of yourpurchases.

(iii)            Lastly, wemaycollect information regarding the use of ourwebsite, especiallywith respect to yourbrowsing (pages visited, links clicked, etc.). Some of this information maybecollectedusing cookies placed in your web browser whenyoubrowseourwebsite. For more information about cookies, read section on Cookie Management in thispolicy.

If youapply for a job withourCompany via ourwebsite, wemaycollect the following information :

–        Youridentity;

–        Your contact details;

–        Your Curriculum Vitae;

–        Your application letter

As this data concernsyour application, pleaseinform us in writing of any changes to your contact details or, more generally, to yourcareer and employment situation, to help us to manage your application efficiently.

  • For whatpurposeisyourpersonal data collected and used?

MAISON ABRIZA processesyour data to:

  • Enableyou to create a customeraccount on ourwebsite, applications, at ourcounters and in ourstores;
  • Manage youraccess to yourcustomeraccount on the Internet or ourapplications;
  • Process and manage your online orders and theirdelivery;
  • Record purchases made at ourcounters or in ourstores;
  • Secure online transactions, preventfraud, payment incidents and manage debt collection (seeourterms and conditions for more details);
  • Manage customer relations with respect to anyrequests for information or complaints youmaysend us via ourwebsite, customer service or social network pages;
  • Manage ourloyaltyprogram;
  • Trace and manage anyalertsyoumaysend us as part of ourcosmetic vigilance obligations;
  • Manage and optimise yourcustomerexperience by improvingourknowledge of ourcustomers;
  • Propose appropriate, tailored services, particularlywhenweenhanceourproducts and services;
  • Conductstatistical analyses to develop management, measuring and reportingtools in order to adjust and improveour sales, marketing and productmanufacturing;
  • Subject to your consent, sendyou information on ouroffers, news and events on yourchosen communication media;
  • Manage your participation in anyevents to whichyou have signedup;
  • Manage any online job applications
  • Whatlegal grounds legitimise the processing of yourdata?

Parfums ABRIZA processesyourpersonalinformation:

  • To perform the contractagreedbetweenyourself and MAISON ABRIZA, to manage youraccess to yourcustomeraccount and to process and trackyourorders;
  • Within the framework of itslegitimateinterest for the purposes of marketing management, securingits digital media (websites, applications, etc.) and combatingfraud;
  • Whenyou have givenyour consent for the processing of your data, especially for the purposes of managingour sales prospection, and of yourbrowsing data via cookies, etc;
  • Within the framework of compliance withourlegal obligations, particularly fiscal obligations (conservingpurchaseinvoices) and cosmetic vigilance with regard to Regulation (EU) 1223/2009 of 30 November 2009 on cosmeticproducts
  • Who are the recipients of yourpersonaldata?

Yourpersonal data isprocessed by the personnel of MAISON ABRIZA. Weensurethat o authorisedpersonswithin MAISON ABRIZA have access to yourpersonal data whenthisisnecessary for the purpose of managingour commercial relations or meeting ourlegal obligations.

Wemayalsoshareyourpersonal data with:

Subcontractors, suchas:

  • Site hosting and maintenance service providers and the providers of ourelectronicpersonal data collection solutions at counters and in stores;
  • Payment service providers;
  • Anti-fraud service providers;
  • Logistic service providers;
  • Marketing solution service providers;
  • Sales prospection and social network communication service providers;
  • Customer service providers;
  • Service providers for managingcosmetic vigilance alerts;
  • Event organisation service providers

Lastly, MAISON ABRIZA mayneed to shareyourpersonal data withthird parties to meetitslegal, regulatory or treaty obligations, or to respond to requestsfromauthorisedlegalauthorities.

MAISON ABRIZA maysharesome of yourpersonal data, including data collected via cookies, for the shared management of the website, particularly to allowyou to have a single customeraccount on thiswebsite, update the information on yourcustomeraccount and customise communication about MAISON ABRIZA productsthatwemaysendyou.

  • Transferring data abroad

Somerecipients of yourpersonal data maybelocatedabroad, includingoutside of the EuropeanEconomic Area.

All data transfersoutside of the EuropeanEconomic Area are subject to appropriateguarantees, especiallycontractual, technical and organisationalguarantees, thatcomplywith applicable regulationsrelating to the protection of personal data.

  • How long do wekeepyourdata?

Wekeep and proceedyourpersonal data for as long as itisrequired in order to fulfil the purposesdescribed in thisPrivacy Policy and as long as itmayberequired by lawsuch as for tax and accountingpurposes.

  • What are yourrights and how canyouexercisethem?

Under currentregulations, particularly the GDPR, you have the right to access and correct yourpersonal data, requesterasure, object to processing on legitimate grounds and obtain limitation or portability, insofar as thisis applicable.

You canexercisetheserightsdirectlywith MAISON ABRIZA by sending an email to [email protected] or a non-registeredletter by post to MAISON ABRIZA, 12 BOULEVARD DES CAPUCINES, 75009 PARIS, France including a document provingyouridentity.

If, at any time, you no longer wish to receivedetails of ouroffers, news and events, youcanunsubscribeusing the hypertextlinkprovided for thispurpose in each email newsletter wesendyou. You canalsotelephone us on 0033 1 43 87 74 69 (landline charges apply) from [9am to 8pm Monday to Saturday] or send a non-registeredletter to MAISON ABRIZA-12 BOULEVARD DES CAPUCINES 75009 PARIS-FRANCE.

  • Contact details of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and your right to lodge a complaint

For all questions relating to the collection and processing of your data by MAISON ABRIZA, youcan contact the MAISON ABRIZA Data Protection Officer at [email protected]

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