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The ABRIZA site isedited by ABRIZA SAS, a company, with capital of 30,000 euros, registeredwith the Registry of Companies of Paris underSiret number80908041900017, whoseheadquarters are located at 12, Boulevard des Capucines, 75009 Paris, France.


ABRIZA SASstrives to ensure, to the best of itsabilities, accurate and updated information on this site, whichitreserves the right to change at any time withoutprior notice. However SAS ABRIZAcannotguarantee the accuracy, specifics or completeness of the information made available on this site.

Accordingly, ABRIZA SASdisclaimsanyresponsibility:

  • For any site unavailability
  • Occurrence of bugs
  • For anyinaccuraciesor omissions concerning the information available on the site;
  • For any damage resultingfromfraudulent intrusion by a third party that leads to a change in the information made available on the site;
  • And, more generally, any direct or indirect damages, whatever the causes, nature and consequencesincluding, in particular, the coststhatmay arise from the acquisition of goodsoffered on the site, loss of profits, customers, data or otheranyother intangible propertylossesmayoccur as a result of the access by anyone to the site, or the inability to access, or the creditgiven to any information deriveddirectly or indirectlyfrom the latter.


The site mayinclude links to other sites. Insofar as ABRIZASAS cannot control these sites, ABRIZA SAScannotbeheldresponsible for the availability of these sites, and cannotbearanyresponsibility for the content, advertising, products, services or anyothermaterialavailable on or fromthese sites. In addition, ABRIZA SAScannotbeheld liable for any damages or losses, proven or allegedly in connectionwith the use or the fact of havingtrusted the content, goods or services available on these sites or external sources.

IntellectualProperty Right of ABRIZA SAS

The site as well as any software necessarilyused in connectionwithitmaycontainconfidential information protected by intellectualpropertylaw in force or anyotherlaw. Thus, unlessotherwisestated, the intellectualpropertyrights to the documents contained on the site and each of the elementscreated for this site are the exclusive property of ABRIZA SAS, and the latter does not grantanylicense or any right otherthan the right to consult the site. In particular, trademarks and otherintellectualpropertyrightsmentioned on the site are the property of entities of ABRIZA SAS concerned. The reproduction of any documents posted on this site isonlyauthorized for the exclusive purposes of information for personal and private use, and any reproduction and any use of copies made for otherpurposesisexpresslyprohibited. It isalsoprohibited to copy, modify, create a derivativework, reverse the design or assembly or in anyothermannerattempt to locate the source code (except as provided by law), sell, assign, sub -license or transfer in anymannerwhatsoeveranyrightsattached to the software. Similarly, itisalsoforbidden to modify the software or use modified versions of the software and particularly (withoutthislistbeinglimiting) in order to obtainunauthorizedaccess to the service and to access the site by a meansotherthanthrough the interface thatisprovided to you by ABRIZA SAS for thispurpose.

These conditions are governed by French law. The French courts have territorial jurisdiction to hearlitigationrelating to the use of the site.

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